150-Word Autobiography

I was born in the planar wilds of the central Midwest. Raised on corn, mayonnaise, and vichyssoise, I devoted many of my formative years to the collected works of Douglas Adams, Isaac Asimov, and Stephen King.

I spent the summers of my youth in Minnesota, Manitoba, and Montana, where I learned how to paddle a canoe, swing an axe, and, most importantly, love the woods.

Improbably, I emerged from adolescence with degrees in geology and mathematics, obtained in the magnificent, bitter cold of the Gunnison valley.

With help from generous professors and a trusting boss, I parleyed my newly-minted degrees into a not-un-lucrative-but-ultimately-temporary career prospecting for gold in northeastern Nevada.

Now a putative adult, I spend my time studying computer science at the University of Montana programming for TerraEchos, Inc. and writing pithy autobiographical paragraphs.

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